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About Us

Zaggoulos Ideal Home represent over 25 internationally recognized leading brands, to provide customers premium quality and comprehensive products. Conveniently located in Pafos, the company offers an exquisite selection of tiles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, washbasins and accessories, heating systems and DIY products. Exclusive importer and distributor for MCZ wood fireplaces and pellet stoves made in Italy and ORTAL gas fireplaces designed to enhance peoples living environments. As a privately held company we understand the values of customer orientation and effective communication and since 2000, Zaggoulos Ideal home has been improving the level of living by providing exceptional products and services for their clients’ lifestyles. Our team is always at your service to help and suggest the right products that suit your needs.


  • Ceramics
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Shower trays
  • Washbasins
  • Toilets
  • Faucets and accessories
  • Heating systems
  • DIY


  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Medical
  • Public institutions


Our motto is "Cooperation, Trust and Prosperity". We welcome requests, ideas and criticisms, and then we analyze and process further. In 2021, the Zaggoulos Ideal Home was able to continue the growth trend of previous by pursue customer satisfaction and provide products and services that are with high-quality materials, contemporary design and maximum comfort. Today, In order to meet the increasing demands of the market the company develops an efficient and well-organized collaboration with their suppliers to offer consumers unique design from the entry-level to the luxury living space.


Zaggoulos Ideal Home was established in 1996 by Elias Zaggoulos and Panikos Karafyllidis. During the first seven years of its life the company, initially named Karafyllides and Zaggoulos after its owners, was mainly involved with basic building materials and tools.

In 2003, Nikos Zaggoulos joined the company as General Manager after moving back to Cyprus from Michigan, USA where he completed a BA in Economics & Computer Information Systems and an MBA. Having worked at Karafyllides and Zaggoulos for a year, Nikos Zaggoulos decided to take the big step and buy the company. The company was then renamed to Zaggoulos Ideal Home.

Nikos’ entrepreneurial skills in conjunction with the wide experience that he gained having worked for several years at P.M.P. Marble and Granite, one of the biggest US companies in its sector, enabled him to soon transform the company into a sanitary ware and ceramics retailer, as well to greatly extend the range of its products. Seeking to offer a better in-store experience to his clients, in 2005 Nikos moved on with a complete refurbishment of his showroom.

During the same period he started collaborating with leading European brands in sanitary ware, ceramics and building materials, so as to import directly from them.

During the last decade the company developed and flowered, managing at the same time, to deal effectively and efficiently with several hardships and imponderables, such as the 2009-2015 financial crisis and the recent pandemic.

In 2013 a rich selection of fireplaces (wood and gas) and pellet stoves by MCZ and Ortal (leading suppliers in Europe) was added to the products list.

Two years after, in 2015, Zaggoulos Ideal Home became an authorized Grohe importer and distributor in Cyprus. In 2019, in order to improve business operations and customer service, the company invested in a new world-class software provided by a leading German software company.

Zaggoulos Ideal Home is proud for setting high standards in customer satisfaction, offering, at the same time, a wide range of well-known and high-quality brands to accommodate all needs of your house/business.

Zaggoulos Ideal Home is actively involved with numerous projects in Cyprus, offering a wide range of choices that satisfy all needs, tastes, and budgets.


  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable service
  • Full range of products

Our promise

Quality and design at the top level by providing an easy and enjoyable customer experience and loyalty.

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